Meet Dr. Tony Loewen

Video Transcript

Loewen: My name is Tony Loewen, I'm from Huron, and I'm completing my general surgery residency. I have about 6 months left to go and the plan right now is to return back here to Huron and do general surgery. Growing up in Huron I thinkg was a very positive thing for me. I was able to have some exposure to the health care system in huron from, you know, seeing my dad work as a practitioner here. The sense of community and the idea that we are kind of all int his together and my piece of the puzzle being the general gurgery care of, you know, the people of this community is kind of really why I wanted to come back to Huron. So general surgery is kind of the most fundamental of all the surgical specialties. They operate mainly in the abdomen, treating anything that is surgically related in the abdomen as well as a lot of skin lesions and doing endoscopy which is colonoscopy and upper endoscopy screening for cancer or any other Gi complaints as well as a lot of breast surgery and treatment of cancers of the breasts. But probably my favorite pare of being a general surgeon is the versatility and the broad spectrum of things that I can treat as a general surgeon. So it's not one specific thing, but it's the while cariability of the field. Within the medical field there's medical doctors and then there's surgeons and, you know, we're all doctors but at the same time I've always liked to use my hands to help people as opposed to, you know, treating them with medications, which we do as well. But like the instant gratification of taking somebody that's oftentimes sick or in dire straits and being able to physically do something with my hands. But I think the people in Huron are kind of, you know, a little bit different becayse they're people in my community. They're the same people that I grew up around, but to be a part of the solution to the need for health care in Huron, I think that's something that I think is a little bit more special. Because everywhere there's a need for surgery, but this is kind of people in my area.

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