When the Unexpected Happens

Video Transcript

Shelby: My name is Shelby Seefeldt and I'm from Willow Lake, South Dakota. During my pregnancy from the beginning until about 14 weeks, I had really bad morning sickness and then from there it seemed like it was going well and then towards around 30 weeks, my blood pressure started to go up. I ended up having preeclampsia.

Screen text: Preeclampsia is when your blood pressure during pregnancy goes up and you can get protein in your urine. It can affect other organs in your body as well and it can ultimately be life-threatening. You can die from it.

Shelby: Dr. Brock is my primary OB and she was amazing through all of it. She walked me through the steps of what could happen and the complications. She really explained everything to me. We had not planned to do a c-section, but I was induced at 37 weeks of the preeclampsia. My body obviously was not ready to have a baby that early. It ultimately came down to his (Owen's) health and my health an d it was just time to do the c-section. After I delivered and got home from the hospital a few days later, I just wasn't feeling quite right and I had my husband take my blood pressure. It was in the 160s and, for me, that was really high. It was a super stressful time, because you have to stay in the hospital but you don't want to because you just had a baby and you just want to be at home. But for your health, I knew I had to be here. I had Dr. Sara Castellanos when I was admitted back to the hospital again and she was super healpful, explaining what needed to be done and that I just needed to try to relax to help bring that blood pressure down. Going to a larger hospital never really crossed my mind because they have my complete history here and they knew what had been going on in my pregnancy from beginning to end. So my thought on going somewhere else was they're not going to know everything like Huron Regional Medical Center knows. So please take me back to where I'd been. My blood pressure is 100% back to normal and I'm not on any medicine. It eventually came back down on its own. Owen is doing great, he's getting big. He was going to be a lineback from the start.

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