HRMC Dietitian Sara Braskamp on Nutrition for Orthopedic Care

Video Transcript:

Sara: You know eating a healthy diet, and that includes, you know, eating fruits and vegetables in your diet, eating whole grains, milk, and or calcium is very important for our bones so it's very important even as we get older that we include plenty of calcium on our diet. Along with the calcium comes Vitamin D. Sunshine every day, and get outside and enjoy that, because that goes hand in hand with that calcium. I think it's very important that when you're trying to change habits that you do pick something to work on and work on that for awhile and try to, you know, have that habit built before you move on to the next thing. Because if you're not really doing one thing well, it's really hard to do many things really well. The first thing would be is look at their serving sizes and how much they're eating, because I truly believe that all foods fit into our diet. So all things can fit. And I think that's where you've got to start, is looking at how much we're eating. You know, if we're eating really large portions we've got to cut those back. You do want to shop the outside of the grocery store, because that's where the whole foods are. So you hear, you know, eat whole foods, not the processed and most of the processed stuff is in the middle of the store. But we want to eat as much fresh as we can. We want to eat those fresh fruits and vegetables if we can and if we can afford it. Typically in order to come visit with me and have that consult, you'll need a referral from your doctor. So you just need to talk to your doctor. Typically most everybody has some sort of issue or something that they can be referred to. So talk to your doctor, they'll send you a referral over to me, I'll contact you, and we'll get to work.

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