HRMC's renal dialysis is available with convenient hours and caring staff that treat you like family. Our staff has the training and experience to provide individualized monitoring and treatment to ensure a better quality of life. Kidney disease is growing at an alarming rate and this life-preserving treatment is available for patients, right here in Huron. 

Dialysis treatments generally occur three times a week for about 3-4 hours per session. HRMC’s dialysis unit is open Monday-Wednesday-Friday. Each station is equipped with comfortable chairs and personal televisions to help patients pass the time more quickly.

HRMC also welcomes visiting dialysis patients. Visitors should have their home dialysis unit contact HRMC, preferably one month prior to visit.

In addition, HRMC’s dietitian is available to provide you and your primary caregiver information and tips to help optimize quality of life with medications, exercise, diet and fluid intake. Social services can also provide information on financial and emotional programs and will connect you to other community resources.

For more information, please contact us or call (605) 353-6334.

Please consider giving a financial gift to the HRMC Foundation's efforts to provide dialysis patients quality treatment, close to home, right here in Huron.